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Fiona Scott

Fiona has been driven by travel experiences from a young age, from first exploring the cobblestone streets of Montreal as a teenager, to moving to Europe in her 20’s. Setting challenges around the globe has become a theme for Fiona, by walking across the UK with only a tent and a backpack, to exploring 24 countries in 12 months as a solo traveller. The influences of growing up on the North Shores of Vancouver have set a high standard for seeking natural beauty and wildlife, with local flavours and a historic understanding. “There is always something special to discover in travel destinations-and most of the time it’s meeting the people!”. In approaching 100 countries that she has travelled to, her role as a travel writer and public speaker has inspiring references. “But now that I’m at Fresh Tracks Canada, I’m happy that my favourite Canadian experiences can be shared – seeing the polar bears in Churchill is definitely one of my top life moments.”

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