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Angie Bosworth

Angie was born and raised in Toronto. Growing up, the extent of travel was her family cottage north of the city, and trips to Florida!

Angie’s travel experiences really started in her early 20’s when she started working for an airline. Although she worked as a reservation’s agent, Angie often took off for weekends to places like Rome, Amsterdam, and Paris! She developed the travel bug!

Angie moved to Vancouver in the late 80’s and for many years had the opportunity to travel much of the world. The more of the world she saw, the more Angie appreciated CANADA! Every time she returned home from a trip, she realized how lucky she was to live on the stunning Canadian west coast.

Angie travelled the world with her family in the late 90’s and spent 5 months in Europe, time in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. All in all, they were gone for a year. What an opportunity that was!

Since working for Fresh Tracks Canada, Angie has seen some amazing parts of Canada. “The Rockies continue to blow my mind! The Maritimes and eastern Canada are magical. Quebec City brings my heart back to Europe! Travelling by train has also been a treat. Rocking back and forth while watching the countryside go by. Eating delicious food, visiting with fellow passengers.”

Angie’s most recent experience was to the High Arctic. “This area is visited by so few and is such a pristine part of our world. How privileged I was to see Muskox up close and personal!”

To say Angie is proud to be Canadian would be a massive understatement. “I am proud to be Canadian and thrilled to help others touch the corners of our provinces and territories!”

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