Fall Colours

Golden moments
In Canada, we’re so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers (at least Canadian author L.M Montgomery thought this was the case). The enchanting dapples of red and golden light under beech, birch, maple and poplar trees make Fall a magical time to visit Canada. The air is getting just a little cooler the nights more crisp. This transitional time is just right, the summer crowds are ebbing away and you get to catch Canada in its finest golden hours.
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Timing for Fall

Fall is a perfect time to travel to Canada. Summer crowds fall away and the change of the seasons will be upon you with the turning of the leaves and a breeze in the air. Share new memories of your nights in the charming inns across Nova Scotia, ride the rails through the Rockies or take a relaxing road trip through the charming villages of rural Quebec.


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