Canada and Greenland Arctic Adventure

Ultimate Northern Expedition Cruise

Journey above the Arctic Circle on an unforgettable expedition. Explore the northerly shores of Canada’s Baffin Island and the western coast of Greenland, searching for the wildlife and visiting the local communities. Zodiac excursions provide the best perspective of icebergs, glaciers and fjords, while community visits immerse you in life in the north. The rugged beauty of the Arctic will have you in awe – soaring cliffs and shimmering icebergs dot the landscape. Watch for whales in their natural surroundings or get a glimpse of one of the Arctic’s most iconic animals – the polar bear.

  • Starting From

    $17,190 USD

    per person
  • Trip length

    20 days

    19 nights
  • Hot Spots
    Qikiqtarjuaq, Qaanaaq, Nuussuaq, Uummannaq, Ilulissat, Sisimiut

Search for Arctic Wildlife

Circling the Western Arctic on such a thorough expedition means you have more time and opportunity to see the iconic wildlife of the arctic. Watch for muskoxen, walrus, whales, polar bears or, if you’re really lucky, maybe you’ll even spot a narwhal.

Exploring by Zodiac

Float through icy waters as the steep walls of a fjord surround you, the thunderous sound of glaciers calve in the distance, and an iceberg shimmers in the water ahead. The best way to to experience the arctic is from sea level in a zodiac.

Expert Expedition Staff Bring your Journey to Life

Expedition leaders and staff bring every moment of your adventure to life. Experts In polar history, marine biology, glaciology and photography immerse you in a true Arctic experience – with cultural stories, educational presentations, or helping you capture that perfect moment with photography tips.


Think of this itinerary as just a starting point. Our experienced Canadian Insiders will create a personalized experience for you that matches your schedule, travel style and budget.

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Day 01

Your Adventure Begins

Your arctic expedition begins upon arrival in Reykjavik. Explore Iceland’s capital city on your own before your journey continues north tomorrow.

Arrival in Reykjavik

(1 of 1 activities)

Upon arrival at the Keflavik Airport you will make your own way into downtown Reykjavik for the night. An expedition representative will be available at your hotel this evening to answer any last-minute questions you may have before your journey begins tomorrow.

Overnight in Iceland

Overnight in a conveniently located hotel, such as the Fosshotel Reykjavík. Only a short walk from the main shopping area and the heart of the city, you can explore Reykjavík's architecture, history, vibrant markets and rich culture – an ideal starting point for exploration.

Day 02

Expedition Embarkation Day

The excitement builds as you join fellow passengers on a transfer to the airport and board a charter flight to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland where you will set sail on your Arctic expedition.

Fly to Greenland and Begin Your Cruise

(1 of 3 activities)

Kangerlussuaq is a small town at the eastern head of Sondre Stromfjord, one of the longest fjords in the world. After embarking your ship in the afternoon, enjoy time out on deck, taking in your new surroundings as your adventure begins.

Ocean Adventurer Vessel

(2 of 3 activities)

The Ocean Adventurer is an Ice Class 1A expedition cruise vessel. Renovated in 2017, the newly refurbished vessel features a dining room, boutique and library, multi-purpose lounge, and exercise room. There is a maximum of 128 guests to 87 staff and crew.

Suggested Add-on: Kayak Program

(3 of 3 activities)

Add-on a kayaking program and discover what it means to be one with the sea. Imagine gliding across the surface of a bay in the presence of icebergs and glaciers. A small group of kayakers will plan to go out multiple times per voyage instead of shore landings. Kayaking is weather dependent and previous experience is required.

Lower Deck Twin Cabin

A Lower Deck Twin cabin has two lower berths, private facilities, and a porthole with exterior views. Please note that porthole covers may be closed during sea days or during inclement weather as a safety precaution.

Day 03

Day at Sea

As you cruise across the Davis Strait, your Expedition Team will prepare you for the adventures that await. Learn about the storied history and politics of the Arctic, its fascinating wildlife, geology, ecology and climate, and the incredible sights you will soon explore.

Cruise the Davis Strait

(1 of 1 activities)

Throughout your journey, expedition staff will also keep a lookout for seabirds soaring above your ship, as well as whales that frequent the waters here. Make sure to keep your camera ready for photo opportunities.

Day 04

Canadian Arctic Landing

Today your cruise reaches the shores of the Canadian Arctic. Baffin Island is the fifth-largest island in the world, it was named for English navigator William Baffin, who ventured to the area in the early 17th century in search of the fabled Northwest Passage.

Exploring Baffin Island

(1 of 1 activities)

Your days sailing along Baffin Island’s eastern coast will be guided by weather and ice conditions, with each day providing new adventures. Favourite destinations include Qikiqtarjuaq, Isabella Bay and Sam Ford Fjord. Towering mountains, deep fjords, colourful tundra, and Inuit settlements are sure to please!

Day 05

Continue Exploring Baffin Island

The Inuit community of Qikiqtarjuaq (which means “the big island” in Inuktitut) is located just north of the Arctic Circle, on Broughton Island. Fondly called Qik by locals, the welcoming hamlet offers a superb vantage point of the Davis Strait.

Discover the Canadian Arctic

(1 of 1 activities)

When making landings to visit local communities you’ll have a chance to support local Inuit artisans by purchasing unique artwork, crafts and jewelry. Enjoy unique cultural experiences and learning opportunities.

Day 06

Explore Sam Ford Fjord

The rarely explored Sam Ford Fjord is one of the most isolated places on the planet. It is a spectacular big-wall playground, attracting adventurous climbers eager to scale the dozens of towering vertical granite cliffs that erupt from the sea.

Discover Remote Corners of the Arctic

(1 of 1 activities)

Have your camera handy as you cruise along this impressive coastline carved by ancient glaciers – the towering formations, stacked side by side, are simply majestic. Onboard photography guides can help you capture the perfect picture.

Day 07

Day at Sea

As your ship sails farther north, take in a presentation by the onboard experts, sip an icy cocktail in the bar, watch a movie or join your Expedition Team on the bridge as they scan for wildlife, there is no shortage of activities while at sea.

Cruise Farther North

(1 of 1 activities)

These Arctic waters have been inspiring explorers for hundreds of years. Breathe deep and take in your own moment of exploration as you sail through the crisp fresh air of these remote Arctic regions.

Day 08

Discover Lancaster Sound

Lancaster sound is the gateway to the Northwest Passage and one of the richest marine habitats in the Arctic. With open-water areas staying ice-free all year, it is an important summer feeding area for whales and marine wildlife. Polar bear sightings are possible too.

Explore the Gateway to the Northwest Passage

(1 of 1 activities)

Your days here will be spent exploring several of the sound’s beautiful bays and inlets, discovering historical sites, enjoying Zodiac cruises and searching for iconic wildlife such as walrus, seals and, of course, whales. You may even spot the elusive narwhal!

Day 09

Discover Arctic History and Culture

There may be a chance for a shore visit at Radstock Bay, the location of one of the most impressive ancient Thule sites in the Arctic. The Thule people were the ancestors of the modern Inuit.

Take a once-in-a-lifetime Polar Plunge! This adrenaline-pumping activity happens once per journey.

Visit Pre-Inuit Sites

(1 of 1 activities)

Exploring the well-preserved remains of the subterranean houses, including the whale bones used as supports for the dwellings, will give you an understanding of how these pre-Inuit people thrived in the far north.

Day 10

Beechey Island Discovery

Attempt to land at Beechey Island today. This Canadian National Historic Site is named after explorer Frederick William Beechey, the island is the final resting place of members of Sir John Franklin’s 1845–46 expedition to find the Northwest Passage.

In the Footsteps of Franklin

(1 of 1 activities)

The graves of the Franklin Expedition will leave a lasting memory. Located on a desolate rocky beach, they were discovered in 1850 by a team searching for signs of the ill-fated expedition.

Day 11

Discover Arctic Wildlife

Covered in glaciers and ice fields, Coburg Island and the surrounding waters make up the Nirjutiqavvik National Wildlife Area. Steep coastal cliffs are an ideal habitat for thousands of nesting seabirds like Brünnich’s guillemots (thick-billed murres), black-legged kittiwakes, northern fulmars and black guillemots.

Continue Exploring Lancaster Sound

(1 of 1 activities)

The past few days of adventuring through Lancaster Sound highlights the best of the Canadian Arctic. The order of activities and locations visited is dependent on weather and ice in the region. Your expedition team will modify your itinerary to provide the best possible experience.

Day 12

Explore Farther North

Before saying goodbye to Canada, the expedition team will lead you as far north as possible, exploring both sides of Smith Sound, the uninhabited passage between Ellesmere Island and Greenland.

Discover Smith Sound

(1 of 1 activities)

Experience the nature of true expedition travel as the weather and ice determine how far north the ship can explore. This will be the farthest north you will travel into the Arctic.

Day 13

Return to Greenland

Your return to Greenland will have you sailing along the remote northwest coast, a land of impressive icebergs and massive glaciers.

Walking poles are available in limited quantities for each shore landing. If you require them for every landing it is best to bring your own.

Explore the Northwest Coast

(1 of 1 activities)

In Greenland the town of Qaanaaq, previously known as Thule, is one of the northernmost communities in the world. Here, local Inuit people share their culture and traditions, while a visit to the museum tells the story of life near the top of the world.

Day 14

Discover Melville Bay

Your expedition will explore Melville Bay today as long as the ice allows. Melville Bay was an important whaling site until the early 1900s. Learn about the importance of this industry for the local communities and the world.

Continue Exploring Northwest Greenland

(1 of 2 activities)

Opening up to Baffin Bay, the Melville Bay area is a major egress for the Greenland ice cap and is home to spectacular icebergs in all shapes and sizes, making it an ideal spot for Zodiac cruising.

Suggested Add-on: Paddling Excursion

(2 of 2 activities)

Add-on a one-time paddling excursion. Imagine gliding across the water's surface in the presence of icebergs and glaciers. Explore using sit-on-top kayaks, which are stable and perfect for anyone with little to no kayak experience. Expert guides take groups on calm days to connect with the sea.

Day 15

Day at Sea

Your expedition cruise continues to sail south along the west coast of Greenland today.

Sail South Along Greenland

(1 of 1 activities)

While you spend the day at sea presentations by on-board experts will prepare you for the adventures that lie ahead and are ready to chat about history, ornithology, biology, geology and more.

Day 16

Continue Sailing South

Featuring spectacular glaciers, mountainous landscapes, dramatic fjords and vibrant communities, the west coast of Greenland will leave you in awe. Possible highlights include stops at Uummannaq, Itilleq and the impressive Ilulissat Icefjord. Have your camera ready!

Discover Uummannaq

(1 of 1 activities)

One of the most picturesque places in Greenland is the Inuit town of Uummannaq, named after the red heart-shaped mountain that rises 1,170 m (3,840 ft) behind it. Be ready on deck with your camera to capture the twin peaks soaring above the colourful houses dotting the coastline.


Day 17

Exploring Western Greenland

Another beautiful location is the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Home to Jakobshavn, one of the most active glaciers in the world, this is a great spot to enjoy a Zodiac excursion past towering icebergs.

Discover Ilulissat

(1 of 1 activities)

Venturing ashore in the town of Ilulissat (which means “iceberg”) will allow you to visit the icefjord on foot and gaze at this unforgettable river of ice from the rocky shore. Get up close and feel the chill in the air flowing over the ice.


Day 18

Life in Western Greenland

Surrounded by sea and mountains, Itilleq sits on a small island about 2 km (1 mile) above the Arctic Circle. Learn about the Greenlandic sled dog which are not allowed farther south and are the only dogs allowed this far north to keep the breed pure.

Explore Itilleq

(1 of 1 activities)

Explore the town’s traditional wooden houses painted in a rainbow of colours, chat with the locals and learn about their main trade of fishing, and maybe join in a game of football (soccer) – it won’t be long before you’re experiencing Itilleq’s friendly vibe.


Day 19

Expedition Disembarks in Greenland

Savour one last Zodiac ride as you travel for the last time between ship and shore. Back in Kangerlussuaq your expedition team will handle all the details with a transfer to the airport.

Fly from Greenland to Iceland

(1 of 1 activities)

Board your charter flight from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland back to Reykjavik, Iceland. Upon arrival at the Keflavik Airport, a transfer is included to your conveniently located hotel for one last night.

Overnight in Iceland

Overnight in a conveniently located hotel, such as the Park Inn, situated in Keflavik city center, just 5 km (3 miles) from Keflavik International Airport. Walk to the seaside and attractions like Viking World. The world-famous Blue Lagoon is only a 20-minute drive, and Reykjavik is 45 km (28 miles).

Day 20

Depart with Fond Memories

Your journey comes to an end today as you depart Iceland at your leisure or spend time exploring the vibrant city of Reykjavik.

Journey Home from Iceland

(1 of 1 activities)

A transfer is included between your hotel located near the airport and the airport today. If you would like to spend time exploring the city of Reykjavik before you depart you may transfer independently into the city.


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To make sure that your holiday is full of only good surprises, here's a comprehensive list of what is (and isn't) included in your package.


  • 1 night in pre-expedition hotel in Reykjavik
  • 17 nights onboard the Ocean Adventurer in a private cabin
  • 1 night in a post-expedition hotel near Keflavik Airport

Cruise Experience:

  • All shore landings per the daily program
  • Leadership throughout the voyage by experienced Expedition Leaders
  • Hiking led by expedition staff (range of skill levels)
  • All Zodiac transfers and cruising per the daily program
  • Photography guides available to provide tips
  • Formal and informal presentations by the Expedition Team and special guests as scheduled
  • Photographic journal documenting the expedition
  • Optional Polar Plunge (once per expedition)
  • Add-on Option: Sea Kayaking Program (extra cost)
  • Add-on Option: Paddling Excursion (extra cost)

Meal Inclusions:

  • All shipboard meals, snacks, soft drinks and juices.
  • Beer and house wine during dinner on board the ship
  • Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock on board the ship

Transportation Inclusions:

  • Transfer between Reykjavik hotel and Keflavik Airport on Day 2
  • Charter Flight between Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq
  • Transfers between Kangerllusuaq Airport and Ocean Adventurer Ship
  • Transfers between Keflavik Airport and Keflavik Airport Hotel

Other Inclusions:

  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program
  • Greenland voyages cruise passenger tax
  • All luggage handling aboard the ship
  • Emergency evacuation insurance to a maximum benefit of US$500,000 per person
  • Waterproof expedition boots on loan for shore landings
  • Official Quark Expeditions® parka to keep
  • Walking Poles at each landing if required (limited number)
  • Complimentary reusable water bottle
  • Hair dryer and bathrobe in every cabin
  • Comprehensive onboard materials, including a map and an informative Arctic Reader

Important Schedule and Trip Notes:

  • Adventure cruising is unpredictable. Expedition staff may adjust the itinerary and inclusions to accommodate to weather to provide the best possible experience.
  • Airfare to and from Iceland
  • Arrival transfer in Iceland
  • Passport and visa expenses
  • Government arrival and departure taxes, other than those mentioned
  • Meals, other than those mentioned
  • Trip interruption / cancellation insurance, or travel medical insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Voluntary gratuities to staff and crew
  • Waterproof pants for Zodiac cruising (mandatory) and other gear not mentioned
  • Laundry, bar, beverage and other personal charges unless specified
  • Phone and internet charges
  • Additional overnight accommodations
  • Additional adventure options and add-ons
  • There are currently no seasonal restrictions


This trip is available for departures in September.

Starting From

$17,190 USD
per person

based on double occupancy, September 2020 departure and our base class.

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